How To Find The Dependancy Patches For CIN-Logistics(All Indirect taxes – GST) In SAP

By | October 9, 2016

As per India Logistics and Indirect Taxes of 2016, You need to have minimum Support Patches level for SAP_APPL software component or patches as mentioned in this SAP Note to get subsequent legal change support for CIN-Logistics(All Indirect taxes).


Required the following mentioned minimum support pack level of software component SAP_APPL, to obtain support for any subsequent legal change, for Country version India(CIN).

The below information on Support Pack level for India indirect taxes legal change support.


For More Details Check the SAP Note : 1175384

Procedure to find the Dependency Patches for SAP_ALL :

First of find the SP level of SAP_APPL component for your SAP system as per above table. To finding the dependency patches for that component, please follow the below steps.

  • Login to the One Support Launchpad or Support Portal with your credentials.
  • Then go to Software Downloads.
  • Note : if you open in One support launchpad for first time, the software downloads tile is not available in Home. You need add that tile from Personalize, is available right top corner of the page.
  • Now select the tab “SUPPORT PACKAGES & PATCHES” , then go to “By Alphabetical Index(A-Z)”.
  • Then follow the below path…E–>SAP ERP–>SAP ERP 6.0 or ENHANCE PACKAGE(As per requirement)–>Select Version–>ENTRY BY COMPONENT–>CENTRAL APPLICATION–>Select component SAP_APPL.
  • Now open SUPPORT PACKAGES. Then you can able to see current available all SAP APPL components with the versions.
  • Then you need choose SP with the version as per CIN (sap note : 1175384), then click on “Related info” Button and open content info.

To Know the Packages Conditions :

  • Then A new window will appear and it will ask authentication user name and password of service market place.
  • The below screen will appear with full component details…
  • Through this component only you need find the dependency components.
  • At the bottom of the page, you will see the import conditions. Then you need to verify and find the components by selecting the conditions in reverse order. Like condition 3… cond 2.. cond 1.. etc. That means, your checking from high level patches to low level.
  • For SAP_APPL, mostly you will get 2 or 3 components. Now find the dependency  components of that individual component.
  • From this stage an wards, you will get the dependency components as child components of parent component. Here,you will get, One child comp as (n-1) of parent comp. So, you can skip that one.
  • Like that find out comp’s until the repeating comp’s occurred.
  • If you required, in the same, you can also find the dependency comp’s for ES_APPL and also for FI.


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